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Instructions for Contributors

The primary intent of THE PROCEEDINGS is to publish research papers and critical reviews of problems in the fields of biological sciences, physical sciences, and science education primarily pertaining to Louisiana and the southern United States. Research reports (or critical reviews) are major papers generally limited to an equivalent of 7,500 words, accompanied by an abstract not to exceed 250 words. Short communications or notes are shorter papers, generally less than 2,000 words, accompanied by an abstract not to exceed 100 words. Suggestions to the EDITOR are welcome regarding invited papers or descriptions of facilities enhancing Louisiana’s research or educational infrastructure.

Four clear copies of the printed manuscript should be submitted. Use the most recent volume of the THE PROCEEDINGS as a style guide. Center the title, author’s name, and author’s address on the first page. Indicate a suggested running head of less than ten words at the bottom of the first page. Place the abstract on a separate page. The abstract should include up to five key index words, following the last sentence, in the format: Key words: ______, _____, …. Acknowledgments are to be cited in the text immediately preceding the Literature Cited. All text in the manuscript, including the Abstract, body, Literature Cited, tables, table headings, legends for figures, and footnotes (avoid if possible) should be double-spaced with at least a 2 cm margin on all sides to facilitate the review process. Do not hyphenate words at the end of a line. Italics may be indicated either by use of an italic font or by underlining in the manuscript. Italics for emphasis should only be used rarely. Italicize or underline scientific names and the symbols for all variables and constants except Greek letters. Symbols should be italic in the illustrations to match the text.

Consult either current issues of THE PROCEEDINGS or COUNCIL OF BIOLOGICAL EDITORS (CBE) STYLE MANUAL (current edition) for acceptable citation style. All references cited in the paper should be by the last name of the author(s) followed by the year of publication of the paper without a comma: (Underwood 1970), (Krause and Patterson 1973), (Underwood 1970, Krause and Patterson 1973). Cite references by three or more authors as (Shumake et al. 1971). Two or more papers by the same author or authors in one year should be identified with a lower case a, b, c, etc., italicized or underlined, following the date in both the text and the Literature Cited (e.g., Smith 1972a).

References – All references cited in the paper must be in the Literature Cited; no other references are listed. The references will be alphabetical by author’s last name and chronological under a single authorship. Spell our completely the names of all journals consisting of a single word (e.g. Copeia, Science, or Phytologia). Spell out completely the names of states and cities that are a part of a journal name (e.g. Proc. Louisiana Acad. Sci. or Proc. Chicago Acad. Sci.). For each journal cited, use the journal abbreviation that is recommended by that journal or use the journal abbreviations that are recommended by Biosis 1989 LIST OF SERIALS. References must be complete and in this format:


  • SHUMAKE, S.A., R.D. THOMPSON, AND C.J. CAUDILI. 1971. Taste preference behavior of laboratory versus wild rats. J. Comp. Physiol. Psychol. 77:489–494.


  • DIAMOND, J. AND T.J. CASE. 1986. Community ecology. Harper & Row, New York. 665 pp.
  • SLOBODCHIKOFF, C.N. 1984. Resources and the evolution of social behavior. Pp. 227–251. In P.W. Price, C.N. Slobodchikoff, and W.S. Gaud (Eds.), A new ecology: Novel approaches to interactive systems. 515 pp.


  • DOTSON, R.B. 1974. Transients in a cochlear model. Ph.D. Dissertation. Stanford Univ., Stanford, California. 219 pp.
  • JAGER, F.C. 1973. Linoleic acid intake and vitamin E requirement. M.S. Thesis. Univ. Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. 80 pp.


  • LANTZ, K.E. 1970. An ecological survey of factors affecting fish production in a Louisiana natural lake and river. Louisiana Wildl. and Fish. Comm., D-J Job Compl. Rept. Proj. E-11R.

Tables – Print each table double-spaced on a separate page, numbered with an Arabic numeral, and with a short descriptive heading. Avoid footnotes to tables if possible. Material in the text must not duplicate that in tables.

Illustrations – To avoid extra expense, initially submit photocopies of illustrations. Once accepted for publication, final versions of illustrations should be mounted on a piece of illustration board and protected with a paper (not plastic) overlay, or illustrations should be submitted as high quality photographs suitable for reproduction, or high quality computer generated illustrations should be submitted as digital files (consult the EDITOR for acceptable file formats). All drawings, photographs, maps, charts, graphs, and diagrams should be numbered consecutively as figures. When several illustrations are grouped as a unit, they must be butted together neatly in positions intended for final reproduction. Each illustration of a group should be numbered (continuous with other figure numbers) in the lower left corner. Handwritten or typewritten lettering on figures is not acceptable. All lettering must be no smaller than 1 mm after reduction. Illustrations (and illustration boards) larger than 21.5 x 28 cm will not be accepted. On the back of each final figure, print the figure number, author or authors, and title of manuscript. Use italic lettering for variables (except Greek letters), constants, and scientific names in illustrations to make them consistent with the text. Photographs of organisms and habitats add interest and realism to scientific data and are therefore encouraged where appropriate. Potential cover photographs are also encouraged.

The corresponding author of the manuscript must indicate in the submission cover letter whether the manuscript was submitted to or is currently in review by any other journal for publication. The precise name and address of the other journal must be included with the submitted manuscript. The accuracy of the manuscript and the detection and correction of errors in galley or page proofs are entirely the responsibility of the author.

Send complete manuscripts to:
Dr. John Doucet, Editor
The Proceedings of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences
Nicholls State University
Thibodaux, LA 70310


Editorial Board

The Proceedings of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences

Chair and Senior Editor

  John Doucet

Vice-Chair and Abstract Editor

  William Dees

Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Division

  David Kee

Biological Sciences Division

Jameel Al-Dujaili


Alex Lasseigne
Environmental Science
  Frank Phillips
  Jameel Al-Dujaili
Molecular and Biomedical Biology
  Ann Findley
  Jonathan Akin
Physical Sciences Division
  Gerard Blanchard
  August Gallo
Computer Science
  Yenumula Reddy
Earth Sciences
  Gary Stringer
Materials Science and Engineering
  Naidu Seetala
Math & Statistics
  Donald Yates
  Pedro Derosa
Science Education Division
  Moustapha Diack
Higher Education
  Peter Sheppard
K-12 Education
  James Whelan
Social Sciences Division
  Alma Thornton
Sciences and Humanities Division
  John Doucet



84th Annual Meeting
Louisiana State University at Alexandria
Saturday, 2/27/2010

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