Uniting the Scientists of Louisiana!

Welcome to the home page of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences. From this page you can find a variety of information about the Academy, including membership details and news about the upcoming annual meeting.

    Goals of the Academy



The Proceedings of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences: Contributions reporting original research or observations and analyses dealing with some aspect of natural, physical, or social science generated in or about the State of Louisiana or the South will be considered. Manuscripts will undergo peer review by two or three experts. More Information

Louisiana Scientist: The newsletter of the Academy. More Information


Membership in the Louisiana Academy of Sciences is open to those individuals, organizations, and institutions that are engaged actively in the advancement of science or which provide material assistance to advance the purposes of the Academy. More Information

    Annual Meeting

The Academy's Annual Meeting generally is held in February or early March. Scientists from all of Louisiana's public and private colleges and universities are invited to present the results of their research at this meeting. More Information


The Academy is governed by the Executive Council, in accordance with the Academy’s Constitution and Bylaws.


Please direct general corres- pondence to the President.